2018 Dallas Spring Trip

As was announced at the end of year marching concert, our 2018 Spring Trip will be to Dallas, TX and will occur Friday/Saturday, April 20-21.  This weekend was chosen because it is the day after UIL Concert and Sight Reading for the Wind Ensemble and the students do not have school on Friday, April 20.  Therefore they will not miss any instructional time as they prepare for AP tests and STAAR testing.

It will be a great trip in which the Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony will be performing and competing against other schools from around the state at a Director’s Choice Concert Contest.  Other highlights of the trip include visits to Six Flags, the Sixth Floor Museum, and Medieval Times.

This trip is based around the competition of the two bands, so participation is expected for members of the Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony.  If a student is unable to participate in the full trip, they are expected to arrange transportation to Dallas to be able to participate in the performance on Saturday morning.  It will be very difficult for the bands to have competitive success without a full instrumentation, thus the need for all students to participate.  Please email Mr. Demkovich prior to Winter Break, to let me know if your student will not be able to participate the Spring Trip, and why.  Students in the concert band are not required to attend the trip, but are encouraged as it will be an enjoyable time of fellowship with their band friends.  They will be participating in all of the events, with the exception of the performances.

Below is the Individual Billing Instructions, Trip itinerary, and payment information.  Please follow them accordingly in order to set up your account through Director’s Choice.  This way you will have the freedom to pay online and be responsible for your trip!  Once you are logged in, it will bring you to a page that explains everything and should have all necessary information.  Please follow the attached instructions and set up an account.  I believe you will sign up as the person who will be paying for the trip and then once the trip is added to your account, you add the participant (your student). You MUST register here to complete the information.  The estimated cost of the trip is $400 which includes all meals, transportation, and admission to the parks and competition events.

Individual Billing Instructions

Dallas Trip Itinerary

Payment Schedule and Terms

We are excited to have opportunities like this to celebrate our students hard work and effort.  They devote so much time and energy to bettering themselves through music, they deserve this opportunity to showcase that work and have some fun.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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