This is our biggest dance team fundraiser.  Every Angel Family is asked to donate items for the auction, ranging in value and type.  This silent auction is preceded by a catered buffet-style dinner and also coincides with the Homecoming Pep Rally, which showcases a performance by the Angels. Order your tickets by October 11, 2013!   Download Angel-dinner form-2013

To get a preview of Auction items, download the Angel in Bloom- Auction Book


September 28, 2013, Friendswood Marching Contest, Henry Winston Stadium

October 12, 2013, Lonestar Preview, Conroe, Moorhead Stadium

If the band does not make Finals at this event, we will attend the football game vs. Bush at Mercer Stadium.  AHS is the AWAY team and the game will begin at 6:00pm.

October 26, 2013, Duncanville Marching Contest, Panther Stadium in Duncanville, Texas


BAND NIGHT    October 8th, 2013 – Mercer Stadium

This exhibition features all FBISD high schools performing their band shows and is open and free to the public.


UIL MARCHING CONTEST    October 22, 2013 – Mercer Stadium

Hosted by the University Interscholastic League, the SFA Band and Angels compete at the district level of marching band competition.  UIL uses a strict grading scale to adjudicate marching band programs.



This is a party for all the girls on the team around Thanksgiving time.


SENIOR RECOGNITION    November 8, 2013- Mercer Stadium

This event recognizes each senior member of the SFA Band and Angels dance team.  Each student is accompanied by his or her parents, and their plans for future endeavors are announced.  This is a very special time for the seniors, as it is their final halftime performance and a milestone in their senior year.



Tracie Hester was an Austin Angel Alumni when she died in a car crash in October 2006.  We gather to remember her vibrant spirit and positive attitude, reflecting on the positive effect her life has had on so many people.  This 2-hour event raises money for the Scholarship Fund in her name and strives to bring awareness to the community about becoming blood and organ donors.  The Angels and the Travis Belles will perform a dance in Tracie’s memory.  The Angels, Belles, and band lead this outdoor community walk.


AMERICAN DANCE DRILL TEAM CONTEST    February 15, 2014 – Morton Ranch High School

Angels compete as a team and officer line, in a variety of dance styles.   Solo performances may also compete here.  Parents often attend to cheer on their favorite team.  It is an all day event.



February 22, 2014 – Katy Taylor High School

This event is also known as the Houston High School Shootout, as it boasts a very talented group of Houston and FBISD high school dance teams.  Angels compete as a team and officer line, in a variety of dance styles.   Solo performances may also compete here.  Parents often attend to cheer on their favorite team.  It is an all day event.


AUSTIN DANCE CONTEST    March 1, 2014 – AHS Gym

The Angels Dance Team hosts this individual and team dance competition.  The event is a full day.  Angel parents and dancers volunteer as support staff for several hours before and during the event and donate drinks and snacks.  Parent volunteers are vital to the success of the event.  The team performs in exhibition before the awards ceremony.


DISNEY TRIP    March 6-9th, 2014 – Orlando, Florida

The Angels will be travelling to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

FINE ARTS SHOWCASE    March TBA – AHS Gym, Auditorium, and Main Hall

Each section of the Fine Arts Department exhibits what they have been working on during the year.  In addition to the Angels, there will be performances by theatre, choir, orchestra, and band, and projects will be on display from the various visual art students.

ANGEL BANQUET    April 11, 2014 – Safari Texas

A banquet is held toward the end of the school year to honor graduating seniors and celebrate the team’s competition year. Angels attend this event for free.  Angel parents and Angel dates are also invited to attend this event with the purchase of a ticket.  Parents are needed to help set-up and break-down decorations and table linens.


JUNIOR DANCE CLINIC    April 26, 2014 – AHS

Every Angel is asked to recruit 3 kids (ages around 3 years old through middle school) to attend this dance class clinic. These young dancers learn a choreographed dance from the Angels and perform it at the end of the session.  The junior dancers are also invited to perform on the first night of the Angelica Spring Show.  This fundraiser helps the entire team with costumes and other activities that take place throughout the year.


ANGELICA SPRING SHOW    May 9 & 10, 2014 – AHS Auditorium

This is an evening-length performance of all the dances the Angels have performed throughout the spring semester for competition season.  It is also a chance for students to showcase additional ensemble work.  The evening’s performance also includes singing, acting, and comedic acts.


2014-2015 School Year

INDUCTION      August tba, 2014 – AHS Auditorium

At the beginning of the school year all Angels participate in this candle-lighting ceremony.  Rookies are formally introduced to the team by their “Big Sister(s)”.  This is a very special event and parents are encouraged to attend.  It takes about an hour and there is a reception following the ceremony.



August 22, 2013, – AHS Practice Parking Lot

Following a performance, parents can join their Angel on the practice lot for the Parent March.  Parents will learn what it takes to be a member of the SFA Band and Angels Dance Team. This takes place outside.


ROCK-A-THON    August tba, 2014 – AHS Food Court

At the conclusion of band camp each year, the band and Angels gather in the school cafeteria for a lock-in where they rock the night away.  The event hosts a variety of games and activities and includes an outdoor rehearsal around 2:00 AM. Each student is asked to approach friends, family members, and neighbors to sponsor them for this fundraising event.  Parents can help by signing up for chaperone duty or to meet other needs during the night/early morning of the event.

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