Lone Star Preview Info – Saturday, October 14

On Saturday, October 14th, the Austin Band and Angels Dance Team will be competing in the Lone Star Preview at CISD Woodforest Bank Stadium.  Information on the contest, performance schedule, ticket prices, and more can be found HERE.  Please read through the information about the contest prior to traveling in order to plan for parking and ticket prices.


7:30 Rehearsal

8:30 Load Truck

8:50 Inspection

9:00 Load Busses

9:15 Depart AHS

11:00 Arrive/unload

12:15 Warmup

1:30 Perform

1:45 Return equipment to truck/change out of uniforms

2:15 Grab food/load busses – Which Wich

2:30 Depart for mall

2:45 Hang at mall

4:30 Load busses to return to stadium

5:30 Awards

6:00/30 Dinner – Chick-Fil-A

8:00 Finals Begin

11:15 Finals Awards

11:30 Judges’ Critique

12:00 Depart

1:30 Arrive at AHS

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