How to Pay For College Without Going Broke

Questions about college and how to pay for it?

Learn how and join The College Money Guys in raising money for the Stephen F. Austin Bulldog Band!

Online registration is now closed.  Tickets will be available at the door but will be sold on a first come, first served basis. CASH ONLY. 

College GraduateThursday, January 31st 7:00pm -8:30 pm
Stephen F Austin High School Auditorium
Tickets: $20/per family

Box office opens and check in time is 6:30pm

The College Money Guys will hold a workshop for the parents of college bound  students in 9th – 12th grades. Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 7:00pm in the Stephen F. Austin High School Auditorium at 3434 Pheasant Creek Drive in Sugar Land from 7pm – 8:30pm.

Topics Include:

  • How to send your child to the school of his or her dreams…without getting trapped in a financial nightmare of high rate, high payment, or expensive debt.
  • Why, although well intentioned, the advice you’ve received from your CPA, or money manager may actually hurt your eligibility for financial aid.
  • Why you’re flat out wrong if you think that you make too much money to qualify for aid (we prove this one using an actual example!).
  • The five most common financial aid myths.
  • Grades and AP/Honors courses – What’s your best strategy, higher grades or harder classes?
  • Extracurricular Activities – What kinds of activities are colleges looking for? Hint, it’s not what you think.
  • Recommendation Letters – What you can do to help your teachers write a letter that gets you noticed!
  • Early Decision – Should you or shouldn’t you?
  • Student interviews – How to avoid some big mistakes that might keep you from getting in.

All proceeds from this workshop will benefit the Stephen F. Austin Band.

Tickets will be available at the door but will be sold on a first come-first served basis. CASH ONLY.  For more information, contact Kris Knopp at

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