Schedule and Checklist for Fort Bend County Parade

The Band and Angels will be marching in the parade on Friday. They will need to arrive at school at 6:30am and are scheduled to return to campus during the end of 7th period. They will not return to class as they will need to put away their instruments and equipment as well as turn in their uniforms. They will be finished in time for regular dismissal. If our participation in the parade is cancelled due to weather, the students will attend their classes as a normal school day. Because of this possibility, they should complete their homework assignments that are due on Friday.

They will ride buses to the Courthouse in Richmond where they will be dropped off and assembled at the beginning of the parade route. The parade route goes through Richmond and into Rosenberg. They will disband at the end of the route and meet up with the buses. They will then get water, rest, and board the buses to travel to the food court at First Colony Mall where they will have lunch. Each student needs to bring $10 for their lunch at the food court in the mall. After lunch they will return to school in time for regular dismissal. Parents will not be allowed to pick up their student from either the parade or the mall. Students must ride the bus to and from the event. Please come out and cheer for the Stephen F. Austin Band and Angels as they represent FBISD! You can view them from any spot along the parade route. For more information on the parade go to

The band students will be marching in their band uniforms and need to come to school prepared as if it were a football game. The pit will be not be wearing uniforms but will march in black show shirts and khaki shorts. They will be assisting with water distribution and moving equipment.

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Schedule for Friday, September 28

Fort Bend County Fair Parade- Downtown Richmond @ 9:00am

** Be sure to EAT a well balanced Breakfast BEFORE you arrive**

6:30am Arrive @ AHS

7:15am Uniform Inspection

7:30am Load Buses

8:00am Depart for Parade

8:45am Arrive/Warm-up

9:45am March

12:00pm* Load Buses

12:30pm* Lunch @ First Colony Mall (Food Court ONLY)

2:00pm* Arrive back at AHS

* Approximate times

Once we arrive back on campus you are free to leave. DO NOT wander the school. If you are going to ride the bus home, wait in the cafeteria until the dismissal bell rings.


_ Black socks _ Black shirt

_ Show shoes _ Black Athletic shorts (for under uniform)

_ Water jug _ Instrument

_ Lyre _ Flip folder

_$10 for lunch

**The students will wear their black athletic shorts and black show shirts to the mall for lunch.


___ Red, Black, and White Dress ____ Angel Hair

___ Black Velvet Boy Shorts ____ Earrings

___ Lipstick ____ Makeup

___ Tan Jazz Shoes ____ Water Bottle

___ Cami Bra ____ $10 for lunch

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