Volunteer Programs

Equipment Crew Volunteers

Angels Liaison – This person shall be a representative of the Angels Dance Team and
will have the responsibility to coordinate and convey any information for the band that
involves the Angels Dance Team during marching season.

Banquet – Coordination of  the spring banquet.

Cookie Sales – Operation and coordination of the cookie sales with Otis Spunk Meyer. They will coordinate dates through the assistant principal in charge of scheduling. They will organize workers, bake and sell cookies, collect the funds which are then counted, recorded and turned over to the treasurer.

Holiday & Spring Concert Program – Plans and implements the concert programs as requested by the Directors. They shall be responsible for the design, collection of information and distribution of the programs.

Membership Chairperson – Shall be responsible for the Membership Drive and the maintenance of the membership master list. Shall collect all membership dues, properly document them and turn the funds over to the Treasurer.

Middle School Liaison Chairperson – Shall assist with the coordination of communication with the feeder middle school bands. Shall be prepared to answer questions of incoming students to the band program.

Publicity Chairperson – Shall be responsible for compiling information and coordinating news releases to local media about upcoming band events.

Spirit Chairperson – Shall be responsible for organizing the various spirit items to be offered to the band and parents for purchase and also coordinate the distribution of all items. Funds collected have to be turned into the Treasurer.

Sponsors Chairperson – Shall coordinate the effort to solicit sponsors for the band program. Shall work with the Publicity Chairperson to coordinate efforts to tell the band story and raise funds to support the band.

Tailgate – Coordinates and plans the feeding for the band during all performances, including football games and competitions. Shall be responsible for choosing nutritious meals and coordinating the proper staff needed to accommodate the band.

Toyota Center – Organize and communicate with Toyota Center staff  and set the schedule for working the concession stands at Toyota Center events. Committee members are trained to work the concessions at the Toyota Center.

Uniforms  – Cordinate the distribution and collection of the uniforms as instructed by the Directors. Shall oversee the student uniform crew.

Website Chairperson – Shall be responsible for updating information, pictures, memos, etc on the website as directed by the Board of Directors and directors of the band.


To see a list of contact information for committee chairs or board members click here.

Please remember that all volunteers are required by FBISD policy to complete a criminal history check  prior to any volunteer service EACH YEAR.  You can fill out the online form and read about the policy here

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